Women in films who have inspired great professionals

Women have been present at all the key moments in history. Mathematicians, scientists, designers, and writers… below we mention some of the women who have helped to change our world and films that continue to inspire female entrepreneurs and professionals all around the world.

Hypatia of Alexandria (“AGORA” – ALEJANDRO AMENÁBAR)

This film tells the story of a woman ahead of her time; a philosopher, mathematician and astronomer during the decline of the Roman Empire, Hypatia devoted her life to the study of exact sciences and was the head of the Neoplatonic School of Alexandria in the early 5th century. She was the first female mathematician we have any detailed knowledge of and she’s regarded as a martyr of science, as she was killed by a mob of Christians for not complying with the feminine standards of the time.

Hypatia was a woman who decided to continue her research and teachings even though the world was collapsing around her. There’s no better quality for a female entrepreneur than learning to persevere and never give up, just as the Alexandrian mathematician did.


In Mary Shelley we discover the life of the author of Frankenstein, the Gothic novel regarded as the first science fiction work in history. In 1816 some friends invited Mary and her husband to spend the summer at a villa on the outskirts of Geneva. The poet Lord Byron proposed a game that involved each of them writing their own supernatural tale, and shortly afterwards Mary created Frankenstein and his monster. Throughout her life Shelley had to cope with the fact that people thought her husband was the author of the story, because they regarded it as too profound and dark to have been written by a woman.

At some point in time you’re likely to feel that your work is called into question, but if you remember Mary Shelley and her struggle to be recognised as the author of her work, you’ll find that all you have to do is allow your work to speak for itself.


In Coco Before Chanel we find out more about the life of Gabriel (Coco) Chanel, a haute couture designer who founded the French brand Chanel. She’s the only female fashion designer on the list of the hundred most influential people of the 20th century in Time magazine. During the First World War she created a casual and simple line of clothing that broke away from the opulence of the time; her famous tailored edged tweed suit became an icon of feminine elegance and her artistic vision and indomitable character elevated her to the podium of haute couture.

Coco Chanel has been an inspiration for many female entrepreneurs who haven’t been afraid to be different, because they’ve believed in what they’re doing and what they can contribute to the world. It doesn’t matter if your dreams seem impossible; if you believe in them, pursue them to the end.


You’re sure to remember Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovich, a film in which she plays the role of a single mother investigating the involvement of a power company in the mysterious health problems affecting a community. In 1990, Brockovich found a job with a small law firm and, one day, she realised that many of the lawsuits entering the office dealt with sick people from the Hinkley community. After spending years listening to the stories of those affected, she discovered that a nearby factory, the Pacific Gas and Electric Company, had been pouring chromium into the entire community’s drinking water. Erin sued the factory and the legal authorities ordered the company to pay Hinkley 333 million dollars as compensation.

Erin Brockovich’s story teaches us that a single person can change the course of the future and, although it may seem impossible, you can influence your environment with hard work, perseverance, and visualising what you’ve always dreamt of.


What about you? Who are the female figures in history that most inspire you? At Claire Joster we believe that we all have the potential to achieve what we set out to do. Learn more about our offers, find the job of your dreams and become an inspiration for others.