A magnet for technological talent

Technological talent is not sought, it’s attracted, and that’s why obtaining it is so difficult. It’s also a scarce commodity and the competitiveness involved in obtaining it is high. We reveal the keys to IT talent.

Attracting talent to IT departments

Talent in the technological sector seeks well-paid jobs with a view to career development, with innovative projects and the use of cutting-edge technologies. This is why it’s useful to bear in mind the following keys to attract technological talent.

  • Providing good information on the projects the company is working on, as well as the technology, equipment, methods and career plans. There’s no one better for the above than the work teams themselves, who usually speak in a technological language.
  • Investing in continuous training and staff retention plans. It’s a good idea to enter into partnerships with training institutions to promote learning focused on the development of new knowledge.
  • Enhancing the attractiveness of the technological employer brand and adapting the corporate culture to the promotion of innovation, flexible and remote team work. The entire company must have a certain technological profile.

Promising technological projects

What are the aspects of a project most appreciated by staff with technological profiles?

Emprendedores.es highlights the “25 technological projects that have become international benchmarks”.

Canva, the free online graphic design programme run by Melanie Perkins, has been so successful because it has copied Apple, Google and eBay by democratising. This is one of the most technologically sought-after values of the 21st century.

Another, The Muse, achieves its success through one of the most highly valued aspects of a project: visibility. This programme run by Kathryn Minshew, an HR expert, “moves over to the other side” to show companies from within, assessing the human resources and managerial and employee profiles.

The technological sector is also attracted to taking part in research and the development of technological solutions with a positive impact on the future.

Companies must reinvent themselves in the digital age

To become an employer brand it’s essential for the company to master the intensive communication that interests the technological sector and speaks its language. The latter has to see the future potential of the company.

It also needs to give a voice to the employees: through communication about their work, they’ll attract other technological professionals due to the working conditions, the people already working for the company and the projects being carried out. All the employees must have a good digital presence and participation, and the company must focus on the selection and development of good brand ambassadors.

At the same time, it should listen to its workers to make sure that it really is a good place to work in, according to the needs and values of the technological talent.

It must update the methodology for the selection of personnel by making it digital and efficient by means of automated mechanisms, and this must be accompanied by adequate feedback in response to the candidates.

Its initiatives must include emotional communication: storytelling and graphic and digital design adapted to the era and the interests of the new generations.

Becoming a flagship employer is a constant effort that involves the entire company. A well-managed strategic plan with this objective in mind is not only able to retain talent but also to motivate current employees.

Opening up to technological potential means doing the same with curiosity and constant learning as a corporate engine, thus opening up the doors to innovation.


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