The most in-demand technological profiles

The need for digital transformation and business efficiency requires new professionals who know how to place the company in the cloud, automate its processes and customer care, improve its performance by analysing data and protecting it. More than ever before companies need to know the skills and new professions which are capable of ensuring their competitiveness.

The fact that people with technological profiles are those with the best future prospects is nothing new. However, the variety of these profiles, who are becoming increasingly more in-demand and who are characterised for being global is. Technological professionals are becoming increasingly specialised, and need to adapt continuously to new challenges.

Everything points to the market, profiles such as data scientists, conversational platform developers, business analysts and cybersecurity consultants will be the most in-demand technological profiles in 2019.


Digitalisation of the company

The digital transformation of the corporate universe needs professionals capable of designing and implementing it in a personalised way for each company. The race to recruit technological talent and find workers with abilities adapted to these new times has begun.

In the next few years, the company will need mobile application developers and software engineers, who can consolidate the solutions used in various departments and keep the corporation up to date. Similarly, programming will be an ability that almost all professionals will have to have, to be able to move freely through the digital universe.

A cloud service developer will also be a key player in the process of moving the company’s processes into the cloud and keeping them secure. Not to mention a professional qualified to explore the world of blockchains.

Data Analysis

In a world inundated with data, the moment has come to invest in specialists who can interpret and exploit it, in real time. Today, data is key to a business, due to its capacity to provide results and make forecasts.

Data scientists or business analysts are the other two most sought -after professional profiles in the construction of technological processes which exploit investment in data. Additionally, graphics specialists know how to visually transmit it so that everybody can understand the information provided by the data at a glance.

Data will also be essential to segment and offer personalised and individualised correspondence to different customers. The e-commerce delivery manager or the growth hacker will be key to performing efficient digital marketing.

Artificial Intelligence

Customer care is becoming automated. There are already chatbots and virtual voice assistants which are capable of learning and offering an excellent service to the user. Companies are going to need people with professional technological profiles, not only those who design and develop the technology, but also machine learning specialists, in other words those that teach machines to learn about customers and continuously improve.

Automation processes is another one of the major business challenges. Efficiency, saving time, and especially avoiding having to do repetitive tasks which software or a robot can do, are benefits with too high a value not to invest in the field of artificial intelligence.

This final objective is for the workforce to use 100% of the skills that define us as humans: analysis, management, leadership, creativity, innovation…


Security auditors are going to have to protect companies which have all their information stored in the cloud, who do all their transactions digitally and who entrust their reputation to social networks. It particularly applies to those who are starting to take their first steps in blockchain technology.

Experts in IT and data security will have to demonstrate a good ability to anticipate risks that we still can’t even imagine exist.


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