Prepare your job video interview

The video interview is crucial to get the job you want. Your success depends not only on your knowledge and experience or how ready you are for the face-to-face exchanges with the company, given that communicative and on-camera skills also come into play. Don’t let the lack of them put an end to a good career opportunity.

How to conduct a Skype interview

Doing well in a video interview is one of the new skills required for finding work. Companies are digitizing their selection processes and it’s increasingly common for candidates to be asked to submit a video in the initial phase. Another situation we come across is when they want to carry out a video interview, together with other processes, in order to select the candidates that will move on to the final phase.

Candidates therefore have to get used to moving with ease and professionalism in front of the camera and preparing each video interview thoroughly.

Preparing the video interview

Practise with friends and conduct video interviews via Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger or Viber, as they’re the most common platforms via which you’ll interact. Master their tools and learn to resolve any problems that may arise. Also pay particular attention to the webcam and microphone, as there’s nothing worse than giving the impression that you don’t know how to handle the technology in a job interview.

Also rehearse postures that give an impression of professionalism and make sure the framing is satisfactory. Ask them to analyse your non-verbal communication. Prepare and practise several options for answering the most common questions: introducing yourself, explaining why you believe you’re the right person for the job, why you want it and so on.

On the day of the video interview you should find a quiet place, free of noise and anything unexpected and a good connection. You should ensure that the laptop battery is charged and look for a neutral background such as a white wall so that nothing distracts your interlocutor. Try favourable lighting that doesn’t create shadows or a sickly colour on your face. If you can see anything around you, make sure it’s tidy!

Thoroughly prepare the interview with information on the company and the job on offer. If you think it’s necessary, use a crib sheet with any important data you want to check, but not too many! Avoid reading long texts.

It’s also highly advisable to meditate for a while beforehand or take a quiet moment for yourself. There’s no better impression than being calm and relaxed during the video interview. Oh, and make sure you’re not going to receive any calls while you’re being interviewed!

During the video interview

Don’t hurry or use too many words to impress. The art of a good video interview is to enjoy it and present yourself just as you are: well-prepared and well aware of your strengths and weaknesses, highlighting the former and minimising the latter.

In addition, it’s really important to take things calmly, as digital platforms sometimes slow down communication or generate noise during the interview. You should wait for interaction from the other person and ensure your words don’t interfere with one other. You must also learn to look at the camera, not the interviewer, in order to establish a direct visual relationship.

And one good tip is to record the interview and analyse it later as if you were the interviewer. What impression does it leave you with? What could you have improved? We all learn from our mistakes!

Tips for a video interview

  • On the day of the job interview you should sit calmly for a while beforehand in front of the computer, tablet or mobile phone and check that everything’s working properly. It’s no longer the time to check anything but to focus on yourself and calm down.
  • Practice a little with your voice and sound self-confident and energetic.
  • Connect 5 minutes before the interviewer.
  • It’s your moment, enjoy it!


Do you feel ready to successfully cope with your job video interview now? Remember that at Claire Joster we have a specialised team of consultants working on offering you the jobs best suited to your professional profile and needs.