Digital Nomads

In the past, if you wanted to make a living travelling the world, you had to know how to sail, be a tourist or go fruit picking. Now you can be a digital nomad, a professional who goes from one opportunity to another. Do you fancy it?

For a digital nomad, work involves turning up somewhere, carrying out an impact-generating project, learning, earning money and then moving onto the next one. Globalisation and digitalisation have made this new work mentality possible: working for incentives.

For a company, that means that it must change its human resources strategy to recruit the mobile talent that will enable it to be competitive.

A nomadic profile

According to Raquel Roca, author of the book Knowmads, los Trabajadores del Futuro (Knowmads, Workers of the Future), knowmads (knowledge + nomad) are characterised by their curious nature, their ability to network and learn and unlearn whatever is necessary for each moment in time. More than a CV, they bring attitude.

They have an open-minded mentality; they generate ideas and there is no age limit. They use information openly and they get in contact with whoever they need to in order to learn and solve problems. Accessible and universal knowledge means everything to them.

They aren’t self-employed or freelancers, a classic profile that seeks more autonomy and entrepreneurship; conversely, they have been working with companies for years. They are active and well-trained professionals, who are very confident in their own abilities and their flexibility. They also take special care of their contacts.

They are specialist digital entrepreneurs, teachers, lecturers, writers, influencers, bloggers, consultants… Although almost any profession can be digitalised and offered anywhere in the world.

They travel wherever the opportunity arises, they search for a project wherever they are going, or they take on digital work, anything goes! Additionally, over time, they accumulate a portfolio of clients for whom they can continue to carry out occasional tasks remotely.

Their function is not to work but to resolve challenges, innovate and contribute to society. In other words, they live for what they do, to be the best. And for a good reason, they live their lives travelling.

Living with no fixed address

There have always been adventurers who have made getting to know the world their mission in life. Active people who have put more faith in their backpack than in bricks and mortar. Liberty, autonomy and a passion for what they do are their values.

They don’t believe in routines or in convention, but rather in their instinct and their ability to adapt to change. Given that they are always on the move, they don’t need too many things to live. Their freedom gives them their quality of life. Time to get to know the culture of the place and people they are visiting, do sport, have fun… Although they are permanently connected and their minds are always working.

They have to develop their financial capability to ensure their lifestyle and cover their travel costs and downtime between projects. For knowmads there is no such thing as vacations, weekends or national holidays, but rather intense work periods and others in search of new projects.

What about you, what can you offer the world? Are you ready to discover new career opportunities?