Coaching for Managers

The leaders of the 21st century no longer have to be charismatic, but they do have to be genuine.

The leaders of the 21st century no longer have to be charismatic, but they do have to be genuine. They are the key for the company to have cohesive and proactive teams, in which trust predominates. The company can achieve this by providing coaching for managers, a form of professional training based on improving on their own skills. What are the benefits?

If a company’s competitiveness and good performance lies in the talent and commitment of its workers, keeping them motivated and able to continually develop professionally is where efforts must be focused. Job coaching is the perfect way of achieving this. It upholds human capital as a part of growth, capable of moving forward with changes and team values.

Coaching for managers, in particular, trains these key figures to support and motivate the professionals they manage and to help them achieve their greatest potential. And at the same time, this strengthens the team.

Coaching for Managers

Coaching for managers has to be able to improve their relationships with their team, based on the following objectives:

  • To build a strong team, which knows how to make the most of each of its members individual skills and assign roles appropriately.
  • To promote fluid communication, with which staff feel comfortable and are able to give each other feedback, in a positive manner. To create a climate of trust.
  • To deal with complex situations and find quick solutions which improve coexistence. To focus personal relationships towards adopting a proactive attitude.

A coaching process for managers achieves flexible teams for the company; teams who have confidence in their leader, in line with corporate objectives and have excellent personal understanding.

Coaching and Leadership

Motivating teams requires leaders with vision, capable of being convincing about agreed objectives and leading the way with the greatest of commitment. The qualities of a leader must be reformulated in the face of a social environment and ever-changing workplace relations. A manager is increasingly understood to be a guide and role model, showing wisdom and being a mediator and instructor rather than a charismatic leader. Becoming a leader involves giving the very best of oneself.

Coaching for leadership is a process of personal development aimed at improving dynamic leadership skills. Both the team manager and members of the team who stand out for their inspiration and achievements, may receive the support of a coach to help them deal with complex situations, receive feedback, etc. This professional support can help them overcome self-imposed limitations, develop a specific skill or make the best decision, enhancing their own qualities and their true self. Coaching for leadership, rather than providing skill training, focuses on enhancing aptitudes.

It is especially useful when promoting a manager, to guide professionals in senior positions towards using a more empathetic style with their teams, so that a new manager quickly adapts to the company culture…

Business Coaching Techniques

These are specific activities to develop managers’ coaching and mentoring skills:

Group dynamics: for a team to work, it is essential that everyone learns to put themselves in the other person’s shoes and understand each other’s reasoning. Only in this way will each person stop fighting to impose their own working methods and a true adaptation to the team is made possible. The group techniques are many and varied, and may be used at any workplace meeting.

Team rules: establishes working rules and relationships in a consensual manner that everyone must respect.

The goal manager: poses the following questions regarding the objectives, ensuring they are good, realistic and challenging:

  • Has it been understood and is it appropriate?
  • Are we going to be able to measure its progress?
  • Is it realistic? Can we attain it?
  • Is there a time limit?

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