3 keys to an effective selection process

What is the key to a successful selection process? The skills and competencies of the candidate or is it more a question of attitude and values to fit the company? The employee’s experience begins with the recruitment, but from that first moment there is a long way to go and for the person to feel comfortable in the company and to fit in with the organization, several aspects must be taken into account. These are some keys to an effective selection process.

How to achieve excellence in organizations

According to the study “Excellence and Values. Keys to Social and Business Sustainability” completed by Eurofirms Group and IESE Business School, 70% of employees with a fixed contracts are not happy at work, despite the fact that more than 70% claim to be doing their best at work. But why these numbers and how can we detect in a selection process if the candidate will adapt to the culture of the organization and fit in with the team? Estas son algunas claves que se detallan en este estudio, que puedes descargar haciendo clic These are some keys detailed in this study, which you can download by clicking here:

  • Efficiency is one of the guarantees of the success of a selection process, but we do not only mean that the candidate has all the competences and skills that will help him to do his job effectively. This attribute must also be present in the company and according to this study, one of the characteristics that denote quality in an organization is that it generates a service for society that benefits the environment by avoiding negative consequences such as pollution.

But how does this influence the staff selectionThe fact that the candidate and the company share the same values becomes essential for the person to be able to give his or her best in the job. That is, the fact that the selector knows the sector and the functions of a vacancy is fundamental but it is also essential to know the mission of the company and what its culture is like to ensure that it is the ideal person.

  • Generate learning. What do professionals value most in their daily lives? Professional development is one of the most important issues for people in a job. Being in an environment where one learns, where one can contribute new ideas and where there are possibilities to participate in new projects that contribute to society is fundamental for the well-being of employees.

How does this translate into staff selection? It is important for the selector to know what the career plan is in the company and if the candidate will have possibilities to develop professionally. If he is looking for a professional improvement, it is something that will make the vacancy especially attractive. Moreover, this is crucial for a lasting relationship between employee and company.

  • Encourage identification. What exactly does this mean? If employees identify with the organization, they are willing to work, contribute and commit themselves because of the value they perceive from the company’s mission and what it brings to the environment, customers and themselves. At this point, leaders will play an essential role in promoting identification among the people who are part of their team.

Does this also apply to the selection process? If it is a management or middle management position, the consultant should be able to see if the person will be able to adapt a committed leadership that encourages it.

Efficiency, learning and identification with the organization are three keys to an effective selection process that ensures a lasting relationship between company and candidate. Do you take them into account in the selection process?