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At Claire Joster we are specialists in searching for management profiles and middle-managers. Our consultants, with their in-depth knowledge in a wide range of sectors, are our most valuable asset.

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About Claire Joster

Claire Joster is a multinational firm offering direct searches for senior and middle managers with more than 60 employees at our offices in Madrid and Barcelona. We form part of the Eurofirms Group, the leading Spanish HR company, with an annual turnover of more than 380 million euros. More than 750 employees, 100 offices and 25 years’ experience prove our worth as trusted advisors in the field of the HR.

At Claire Joster we are specialists in directly seeking out senior and middle managers for all the main fields of employment. Our consultants are our most valuable asset: they have extensive experience in selecting candidates for a wide range of industries and they share a code of values: the Claire Joster code of values.

Claire Joster is at the heart of our expert team of professionals at Executive Search. Claire is the essence of joy, optimism, openness, enthusiasm and teamwork. Claire shares a common mission and enjoys her work, always looking on the positive side of things and, most importantly, she pursues happiness. She represents all of us and the sentiment of everyone on our team: our values and our people are our driving force.

The name Joster comes from an acronym made up of a combination of the founding family’s initials. Claire Joster is an international company with a family background and a commitment to the future passed on from generation to generation which maintains the essence and professionalism of a corporate culture based on values and ethical management.

Our consultants

Our team is made up of consultants with a high degree of specialisation, both at a functional and sectoral level. As well as having extensive experience in selecting senior and middle managers, their professional backgrounds mean they have extensive knowledge of the positions and industries they are dealing with, so the candidates they choose are perfectly suited to the requirements of each client and position.

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Our locations

  • Madrid
    Paseo de la Castellana, 95
    Edificio Torre Europa, planta 8ª
    28046 Madrid
    T. 912 709 796
  • Barcelona

    Ronda de Sant Pere, 5 planta 5ª 08010 Barcelona T. 938 807 799

  • Lisboa

    Rua Sousa Lopes, Edifício Tridente,
    Lote MNO, Loja 6, 1600-207 Lisboa
    T.: 21 901 4264