Headhunters, in search of talent

Companies often have job vacancies which are difficult to fill, especially when it comes to senior and middle management positions…

Companies often have job vacancies which are difficult to fill, especially when it comes to senior and middle management positions or jobs related to a sector in which the company does not have specialist knowledge. They are therefore faced with the need to hire to an expert. These candidates are usually difficult to find, and it is at this moment that the headhunter companies, also known as “talent scouts”, come into play.

What is a headhunter?

A headhunter is a person who is continually searching for candidates who could fit in well with the companies they work for, without a job vacancy necessarily existing. Headhunters are aware of the companies’ needs in detail, so they are always on the lookout in their search for active candidate profiles who could bring improvements.

Headhunters are usually based in cities, such as Barcelona or Madrid, but their scope is not limited to these locations, and they are able to find candidates anywhere in the world by conducting global searches.

Thanks to their network of contacts, headhunting companies carry out direct searches for professionals, so they are able to identify people who live in a specific area and with a professional background that matches the needs of the company in question. In fact, the main difficulty they face is getting the candidate to decide to change jobs, since most of them are already in stable positions, which makes the final decision a difficult one to make. However, their knowledge of the company and its culture, as well as the role associated with the position, means that the headhunter can explain the job offer in detail, which will help the candidate to make the right decision.

What are the most sought-after candidate profiles?

Engineers, particularly IT candidates, and those who speak several languages, ​​are some of the candidates most sought-after by headhunters. Hiring a headhunter represents an aid in attracting hard-to-find talent, it optimises the recruitment process and above all ensures that candidates not only meet the requirements of the job, but also fit in with the company culture.

The importance of having a personal brand image

Headhunting services are aimed at companies, but for candidates who are interested in finding a position it is essential that they pay careful attention their own personal brand given that, in addition to their own contact network, headhunters conduct searches on professional social networks, such as LinkedIn. In this regard, having an optimised profile is the first step in attracting the attention of these “talent scouts”.


The end result of this careful selection process is to find the most suitable person for the company, which not only benefits the companies but also the candidates, since in both cases this result is 100% satisfactory.


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